Everest Region

Everest is the highest peak in the world so everyone knows very easily so it’s very popular in the world itself. Nepali and Chinese people known as Sagarmatha and Chomolungma, it’s located in northeast part of the Nepal, and west east border of the Tibet, which is 8,848 meter high form the sea level. Everest region is very popular region of the Himalayas as known Kingdom of the mountains, some people known as Mahalangur Himalayan ranges.

First survey of the Everest in 1850 by Indian British calculation team, at the time team doesn’t find out the exact height of the Everest they find out just 8,839 meter height of the Everest so in 1950 national geographic team figure out the fact height of the mount Everest which is 8,848 meter and at the moment tem leader sir George Everest naming the mount Everest by his name but before he insert or give the name of the mount Everest known by peak fifteen (xv). Nepali people called the Sagarmatha which means forehead touching the sky or head above all others, it’s naming by Nepal government, and Chinese people known as Chomolungma which means mother gods of the world.

Frist expeditions on the Mount Everest in 1921 organize by Royal geographical society and leading by Sir George Mallory but they don’t reach the top of the Mount Everest because of climate. And first time oxygen used in 1922 by Brunce’s son. Then first successful summit of the Mount Everest on 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Ten zing Norgay Sherpa.

In the Everest or Khumbu region there is four peaks are above eight hounds include mount Everest and other many more peaks are above 6,500 meters, there is many more trekking routes for trekkers easier to harder and peak climbing also but some are rarely adventures and some are quite easy. Mahalangur region is many more adventures activities spots.

Everest region is fabulous paradise for trekkers and keen rich of the unique diversity on sightseeing the Elysian wildlife, Sherpa cultures, lifestyles and Himalayan scenery’s. That’s why Everest region is dream destination of lifetime for every hiker.